02 Nov

Made in Colombia

Designed in Montréal, where we live and work, the miel® collection is now manufactured in Colombia, the country where we were born and raised. 

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21 Jan

Team miel Gets Fit!

Here at miel, we don’t make push-ups, we do push-ups… or just about any exercise that gets our blood pumping! Now that January’s New Year’s resolutions have started to gather dust, and with Valenti...

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03 Jul

Hurray Kimmay!

Kim Caldwell is THE expert when it comes lingerie. As an experienced bra fitter in NYC, she knows the ins and outs of a dressing room—and the female psyche when in search of a well-fitted bra!—like...

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03 Apr

The Perfect Bra Fit

Having the best bra means very little if it doesn’t fit properly. According to Montelle Intimates bra expert Sylvie Gaumond, the biggest mistake women make when choosing a bra is not knowing their ...

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06 Feb

Athleisure Is the New Sexy

Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, but who has time for romance mid-week? We’re already juggling work, family and exercise… changing into dinner attire is the last thing on our mind. Luc...

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17 Jan

Dressing for Winter: No Sweat

Our birthplace might well be tropical Colombia and, although we miss its sandy beaches and sunny predisposition, we’re really digging the snow we get here in Montreal, as we shovel our way to and f...

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