Team miel Gets Fit!

Here at miel, we don’t make push-ups, we do push-ups… or just about any exercise that gets our blood pumping! Now that January’s New Year’s resolutions have started to gather dust, and with Valentine’s Day less than a month away, we thought it was high time to up motivation and share some of our top ways of keeping fit and wearing our all-time fave athleisure lingerie ;) 

Valeria Velandia
Designer and co-founder of miel® 

Valeria never misses a chance to hit the gym or studio. She squeezes in spinning, barre and yoga every week. “Beat Spin is so much fun because it feels like a dance party and Barre gives me a gracious yet intense workout. Yoga is my activity of choice. I love the deep stretch, challenging positions and constant reminder that everything is connected.” Never one to shy away from the cold when it comes to exercising, Valeria heads out on the weekends with her husband to cross-country ski in the Laurentians while her kids take downhill skiing lessons. “I love the great outdoors, the fresh air and peace and quiet. Cross-country skiing in the forest surrounded by the ‘silence of snow’ is truly priceless. It’s a great way to get in tune with myself.” The LUNA thong and RACER bra are her best buddies when it comes to her workouts whether they’re inside or outside.

For the past couple of years, the Miel Sisters team has been working closely with fellow Montreal lingerie company Montelle Intimates to design and manufacture our collections. And thanks to Montelle’s Wellness Program, we don’t just work together, we work out together! There’s nothing quite like a midweek yoga class or boot camp session to get pulses racing and ideas flowing! A bonus is that we all get to test-drive a variety of miel bras and undies as we sweat, lunge and stretch away.

Talar Maks-Kevorkian
Accounts Receivable, Montelle & founder of MindOverMatter_TMK

Talar Maks-Kevorkian exercising in miel lingerieIn addition to her work schedule at Montelle, Talar is also a personal trainer who has just launched her own business called MindOverMatter_TMK. Exercise is a big part of her life. “I prefer to train indoors in studio gyms where machines are very limited. I believe in getting creative with my workouts and pushing myself to new limits. I’ve been training for more than two years now and there have been so many benefits, such as better sleep, less anxiety, a boost of confidence and increase in energy levels.” For Talar, training is not an obligation but an essential part of her daily routine. Her go-to bra and underwear for exercising? The miel LUNA thong and racerback bra. “Since gym clothes are naturally very form fitting, it’s important for me to wear undergarments that are soft on the skin. Made of microfiber blend, miel seamless underwear doesn’t show through my clothes, which helps me keep a professional look at the gym. More importantly, it lets my skin breathe during my workouts.”

Suzanne Murray
Copywriter and translator

As a busy mother of two boys balancing career, volunteering and family life, Suzanne doesn’t compromise when it comes to exercise. Weekly workouts keep her healthy, happy and sane. “I wanted to shake things up a little this year, so I decided to forgo the gym and join an outdoor cardio class that meets in a gorgeous nature park. Getting together as a group is really motivating because no one wants to get left behind! I really love working up a sweat as we explore the forest trails and do the drills. It’s a great way to appreciate nature!” Suzanne gets her dance and music fix with Zumba. “My Zumba class is like no other! Our teacher is crazy energetic and so much fun to exercise with! She does high intensity routines to a great soundtrack and it’s actually hard to get her to stop once she’s starts!” Suzanne’s preferred lingerie is the IRIS panty for its softness and comfort, and the COCO camisole for post-workout lounging. 

Bois de Liesse in Montreal

Suzanne's gym at the Bois de liesse park 

Everyone knows that exercise is good for us, but it’s so much easier to fit into our busy lives when we find the right workout that suits our personality, lifestyle and schedule. And finding the right underwear to wear while sweating buckets is just as important. All miel® lingerie is made with a breathable blend of microfiber and Spandex, making it the perfect companion to wear to the gym, to the park or wherever life takes you! 

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