06 May


As lingerie designers, support and comfort are utmost on our minds. As mothers, these concerns extend far beyond the confines of fashion and into the world at large. This is why we are proud to lau...

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02 Nov

Made in Colombia

Designed in Montréal, where we live and work, the miel® collection is now manufactured in Colombia, the country where we were born and raised. 

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12 May

Great Expectations

This Mother’s Day heralds big news at Miel Sisters! Cofounder Camila is expecting her second child (another daughter!) in a few short weeks. But with all the excitement come the challenges of balan...

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05 Mar

Sisters Unite!

March 8 is International Women’s Day. Celebrating the accomplishments of women around the world is the perfect antidote to the end-of-winter blahs that dog the thankless month of March in Canada. A...

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21 Jan

Team miel Gets Fit!

Here at miel, we don’t make push-ups, we do push-ups… or just about any exercise that gets our blood pumping! Now that January’s New Year’s resolutions have started to gather dust, and with Valenti...

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11 Dec

Party Like a Colombian!

It’s no surprise: we Colombians love to party! And this is especially true during the holidays, and on New Year’s Eve in particular. Although we’ve been living in Montreal for several years now, an...

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