For Life's Big Love Moments.

Rya Collection is known for it's intricate and timeless bridal designs dedicated to making every bride feel extraordinary on the most special night of her life. Each garment is delicately crafted with luxurious fabrics and unique embroideries to celebrate life's big love moments.

40 years
Of Hand Crafted Designs

Led by one of bridal lingerie's most prominent designers, Flora Nikrooz Backer, our designers are committed to creating exceptionally unique designs for the modern bride.

Our designers are artists who believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. That's why we use intricate, comfortable fabrics that flatter the body and increase inner confidence.


Rya Collection understands the significance of what to wear on your wedding night. That's why our designs are exceptionally exquisitie, but not at the cost of comfort.

A NEW DAY INTO A NEW LIFE Cherish the moment in something special.

We strive to help women accept & love themselves fully

with the help of a high quality, confidence-boosting, perfect-fitting lingerie.

After all, the relationship with yourself is the most important one of all.

Our Promise

Crafted with care

From our designers on 5th ave to your closet, every Rya garment is carefully designed from beginning to end.

Luxurious Quality

Every piece we create is made with high quality fabrics that are made to last long after they've been loved.

Guaranteed Comfort

From a night in to a night out, we have your back. Rya garments are designed with versatility in mind for looks that can be worn all day.

Ethically made

Produced and crafted by a women owned and operated facility that practices balance, fair wages and produce quality goods for better consumption.

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