MielSisters royal wish!

As I sit in front of the TV after a very intense hockey game, I zap from channel to channel looking for something to clear my mind from the sad lost of the Montreal canadians.
Funny enough in peak political time, with the federal elections around the corner, what I see, hear & read everywhere has more to do with the upcoming "wedding of the century" than with the upcoming election.

Kate Middleton is about to become an English princess! Fairy tale comes true and now every body is watching, even if you don't want to know, you get to know what is going on. Parties are being held on Friday to watch her walk down the aisle, journalist, paparazzis, bloggers, fashionistas, groupies, little and big girls are waiting to see the bride; wondering what she will look like, what she will do to her hair, how much make up will she have, what dress, shoes & jewelry will she wear.

My mielsisters wish for the new princess will be for her to have a pair of our sweet undies... at the least that would be the one thing that will escape the millions of eyes that would have been observing her every single step...



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