Cool Mom

What exactly makes a cool mom? A lot of youngsters will say it’s the Jennifer Lopez kind of mom—a mother who has “still got it” when it comes to her sassy wardrobe and youthful sex appeal.

A teenager will say it’s the mother who doesn’t enforce any rules or discipline—cut to the “Mean Girls” scene where Amy Poehler’s character says she’d prefer that her teenage daughter drink alcohol in the house.

What about Jada Pinkett Smith, who explains, “We don’t have rules. We come up with agreements.” If my grandmother heard that parenting comment, she would do a slow-motion backslide against the wall while clutching her prayer beads.
It is hard to define what a cool mom is without getting into the discipline debate. We can probably all agree that part of being a cool mom is about keeping up with some of the ever-changing trends. We can also make the assumption that a cool mom looks, well, cool. At Miel, we have to take this opportunity to jump into the world of moms who haven’t caught onto the coolness trend of having no visible panty line (VPL). If you love your mother, you will have to accept that she might not be the coolest mom ever when it comes to fashion, but she can jump on the smooth-bum bandwagon with a little encouragement.
If your mom is like mine, and wants to spend mother’s day spending quality time with her kids, then almost any activity can be paired with a gift of flattering lingerie. Mother-daughter yoga class, a tennis lesson, tai chi, a walk in the park, a trip to the mall—all are activities your mother will enjoy, and you will enjoy if she doesn’t have any VPL. We believe all mothers must be honored on this day, and we also are making it a mission to show women and mothers that bulky undies are a thing of the past.
Happy mother’s day to all mothers, including the self-proclaimed cool moms.

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