Tis the season Part One: The Miel Gift Guide

If you’re anything like us, you’re on the hunt this season for gifts that are fun, chic and health conscious. It’s a tall order: balancing good intentions, budget and inspiration.


Below, the first in our three-part Miel Holiday Gift Guide, featuring some of the things we love for 2012:


Fringe Sandals

Think of them as the beach equivalent of fluffy slippers. Even if it is winter where you live, these kooky fringe sandals are loads of fun to wear around the house…



Jade Yoga Mats

We went through a dozen yoga mats before we discovered Jade. Not only are they über-eco-friendly, but they are just the right amount of soft and sticky… providing the perfect grip for sweaty yogis.



Miel Nana Bra

Our Nana Bra stays dry at the gym, and looks amazing under any party dress. Stay comfortable, classy, and 100% seamless, no matter what the occasion.



Adorably Clutchable Kitty Mug

There is something about a curvy, pink Hello Kitty mug that makes your morning coffee (or herbal teal) immeasurably more comforting. Yes, it’s girly. But we’re okay with that.



Whole Food Frenzy

Turn your friends and family into healthy food aficionados. The freshly revised 2010 edition of The Whole Foods Encyclopedia will introduce you to more wholesome foods than you can find at your local hippie shop.



Read part two and part three of the Miel 2011 Gift Guide.


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