Edibiles, Bathables, Barkables: The Miel Gift Guide Part Two

Once you know someone’s obsession, it becomes a lot easier to track down just the right gift. Among anyone’s friends or family you will find the geek, the chocolate lover, the dog lover…


Below, our picks for the hard-to-buy-for on your list:


Splish Splash, Fresh in the Bath

What’s not to love about magically fresh eucalyptus, lavender and lemongrass soaps from LEAP Organics? These delightfully packaged, organic and cruelty-free soaps make perfect stocking stuffers.

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Hip and Strapless: Our Mimi Bandeau

Whether you want to dress up and hide your straps or reveal a little color, the Miel Mimi Bandeau offers comfort and versatility in suite of fun shades.

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Ethical. Delicious. Chocolate.

Two chocolate-loving brothers in Brooklyn have a mission: to make delectable, ethical, and high quality chocolate bars. Order online, feel good, enjoy… and share!

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For the Geek in Your Life

It could be your boyfriend, your dad or your little sister, we all know one: the geek. Amuse your favorite Star Wars fan to no end with these quirky Yoda holiday lights.

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Deck the Halls with… Silver Milk Bones

In a glut of ridiculous pet-oriented gifts, these gold or silver coated Milk Bones have class. We love that they are real Milk Bones, coated in copper, then dipped in gold or silver.

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Read part one and part three of the Miel 2011 Gift Guide.


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