In the previous post the top health risk  of wearing an under wire bra was list.

This post will highlight the solution;  Miels  NANA bra.


  • The NANA  bra is under wire free. Instead, a body hugging microfiber band  is developed to reduce any pressure to the rib cage while offering a full natural and breathable support.

  • The NANA is designed with the latest flat seam and seamless technology, meaning no dig ins to the flesh allowing for proper circulation.

  • The NANA bra's thin satin straps and the hassle free adjustable hooks prevent tension to the shoulders and back, preventing any potential upper body pains.

  • The  NANA bra'smicrofiber cotton and spandex blend is extremely soft and gentle on skin.

  • The NANA bra's natural antimicrobial protection locks in odors and stains, keeping you fresh while evading any bacterial build up.

The NANA bra offers a full comfortable support. It truly allows you to move from one daily activity to another without ever compromising your health.






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