If you’re looking for something more than a heart emoji to express your feels this February 14, the Internet is abound with options. From barely-there lace getups to feather-embellished whips, there’s plenty of sexy out there. But since you knew that already, we’re going the cheap and cheerful route with 30 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that prove thoughtful and hella cute for $30 or less.

For the DIY lover (or your DIY-loving lover), check Anthropologie’s love note bottle, which includes a teensy papier mache flower and an array of cards. For that special someone with a funny side, a foul mouthed teddy bear should do the trick.

If Valentine’s Day is more like Single Awareness Day, marathoning Clueless is made even more perfect with a set of hot pink pencils embellished with some of the film’s iconic phrases. For the Dionne to your Cher of the group, put a ring on it courtesy of ASOS’s cute matching BFF set.

No matter who’s the apple of your eye, these thoughtful Valentines Day gift ideas will surely put a smile on their face.


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