Avoiding the Visible Panty Line: A Complete Guide

We’ve been getting tons of questions on the often-times embarrassing subject of visible panty lines so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you navigate this delicate issue. For those unfamiliar with the term, a visible panty line (or VPL) refers to a fashion faux-pas where the outline of a person’s underwear is visible through their clothes.

examples of visible panty lines

Visible Panty Lines

While it may be desirable in certain situations (like at a NASCAR after-race party) a visible panty line is generally considered a fashion no-no and should be avoided in all cases (after all, the last thing that you want is to be broadcasting what underwear you've got on underneath your favorite fitted cocktail dress or designer skinny jeans). So what can you do to avoid this fashion emergency? Continue reading for the full details…

General Guidelines

When you want to avoid a visible panty line altogether but “going commando” is not an option, your best bet is to wear a thong. Thongs come in two main varieties; traditional thongs and “string” thongs which include “G-strings”, “V-strings” and “T-backs”.

Wrong Thongs

Our experience is that “string” thongs are a bad choice for everyday wear and are the least comfortable of all panty styles. String thongs should only be considered when you need to make a strong statement in “close quarters”. We don’t recommend for everyday use as they tend to move around increasing the chances of “rubbing you the wrong way”.

Choosing The Right Thong

Thongs are great for eliminating visible panty lines because the fabric goes up between the legs, completely removing the bottom seam from around the top of the thigh. However, some women find thongs uncomfortable -- especially if they made with lace or other types of abrasive materials. But not all thongs are created equal and many women will swear that a quality thong is even more comfortable than a pair of “grannie panties”.

visible panty line under white pants

Visible Panty Line

In almost all cases, skin-tone panties will be less visible through fabrics than white or black underwear. White panties will show through light-colored fabrics so skin-tone undies are your best option, especially during summer when worn under pastel capris or skirts.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a thong is the type of material it’s made from. A quality microfiber fabric is your best bet as it will be very soft against your skin and will also stay in place minimizing the chafing to your most sensitive areas.

Next, examine the thong’s cut. Traditional thongs generally come in two varieties; a mid-rise thong and a low-rise thong which fits lower over the hips. When choosing a thong the important things to watch out for are:

Fit: Does the thong style fit your body well? Some people prefer a thong that fits snug around the hips while other people prefer the band to be closer to the waist. When trying to avoid visible panty lines, we recommend a low-rise thong; there’s just less material showing.

Seams: Look for panties that are seamless or that use flat-seam technology. Seamless undies have no ridges that show through tight-fitting clothes but a 100% seamless design can lack the elasticity that you need to keep them in place throughout your day. Flat seams hide a low-profile elastic band that won’t show under your clothes but will keep comfortably in place.

Size: Thongs fit differently than traditional women’s panties so you may need to take a different size than you’re used to. Don’t be put off if you end up with a size larger than you’re used to – it’s the fit that counts. Our recommendation to find the right fit is to buy a pair or two of a style that appeals to you and try wearing them for a day to see how you like them.

Avoiding Visible Panty Lines at the Gym

Thong underwear is also a great choice when you’re working out and it’s the preferred underwear for most women when they go to the gym. One of the thong’s key benefits is that it will keep you dryer and more comfortable as there’s less material to trap moisture. Any type of lace underwear should be avoided; even the smallest amount of lace can irritate your skin after just a few minutes of activity. Another popular choice for the gym is a great-fitting hipster or boy-short with flat seams. Here’s our recommendation when choosing hipster undies for working out:

Dry Wicking Fabric: Most important of all, look for panties made from a soft, breathable microfiber that doesn’t trap moisture. This will keep you drier and more comfortable throughout your workout. All of the items in the Miel Sisters line is made from a microfiber blend that has an eco-friendly, antimicrobial protection built-in to keep the fabric fresher between cleanings.

Flat-Seam Waistband and Hems: Whether you’re in a yoga or spinning class you’ll want to make sure that the panties you’re wearing have a contoured waistband with flat seams that provide a snug fit without digging in. Be aware that some seamless panties lack a proper waistband and will tend to bunch up or roll-down requiring an inconvenient trip to the ladies room for a mid-class adjustment.

No Side Seams: Choose hipster undies that are made without side seams; After just 30 minutes of activity even the most low-profile side seams can irritate your skin.

Things to Watch Out For

There’s been lots of talk about “laser-cut” underwear and its panty line avoiding powers but the makers of laser-cut panties are not telling you the full story. Because they lack elastic to keep them in place laser-cut underwear will roll-down from the waist and bunch-up at the leg transforming themselves into an inconvenient and uncomfortable thong in no time.


So there you have it, the complete Miel Sisters guide for avoiding a visible panty line. As you can tell, this is a subject we’ve thought about in detail and we’ve put this thinking into the design of our underwear. Our Sol and Luna thongs and our Iris hipster are all designed to be the most comfortable underwear you’ve ever worn while minimizing or eliminating visible panty lines altogether. While wearing your Miel Sisters thongs or hipsters you can be confident that you’re not going to be showing an unsightly vpl whatever situation you might find yourself in. We hope this guide is useful, let us know what you think in the comments!

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