Ethically Made

Making better bras and lingerie goes even further than making quality styles that fit and feel good. It means caring about the resources that go into their crafting at every step. From improving the lives of the people who make them to considering the environmental impact of how we craft, ship and promote our products. We are looking to continually do better, building a better today and tomorrow.

We make sure to offer balance to our team, a safe and healthy environment with fair pay. We have been making our garments in our exclusive women owned and managed factory in the Philippines for over 20 years.

Three years ago we implemented a wellness program in the factory, offering weekly Zumba classes, exercise classes, hourly stretches, healthy cooking seminars, daily meditation breaks, and a health-driven rewards program.

Internal surveys show the team is happier and feels better since they began participating in the program. Many team members say the program has improved not just their own lives but also those of their family members as they are all eating healthier now.

Sustainability is about choosing WELL