5 Dangerous Myths about Women and Success

Today, high-achieving women are under a lot of stress and question their multiple roles as wives, mothers and sisters. While stress and pressure can not be totally eliminated, it's important for successful women to be aware of the 5 dangerous myths about women and success so they can maintain a healthy self-image and help their sisters through difficult periods. Here's a summary of Dr. Marcia Reynolds, (Psy.D) research on women in the workplace.

1. Women need to work harder than men to prove themselves.
If you work twice as hard as everyone else, you set up the expectation you will work twice as hard forever. Although this myth may be a truth in some workplaces, be careful you are not making these statements up because someone told you this when you first started your career. Your good results speak for themselves.

2. Women can't make mistakes while continually proving their value to the organization.
Being creative, innovative and an inspiration to others requires you make and learn from mistakes. You will stunt your growth if you only do what you know you will easily master. You will miss opportunities if you don't take some risks.

  3. Women can't joke around or they won't be taken seriously.
All people laugh at all ages. When we laugh with someone, it is hard to judge them negatively. Having a good sense of humor should be on all lists of leadership traits. Plus, the chemical reaction in the brain increases creativity and productivity.

4. Feminine traits make women better leaders (or the reverse-women lack the killer-instinct and masculine skills to survive in top positions).
Although men account for nearly two-thirds of all leaders, a recently collected data suggests that female bosses may be outperforming their male counterparts. Peers, bosses, workers and direct reports rated women higher than men. What were these "good-leadership" traits? Examples include taking initiative, driving for results, and displaying high integrity and honesty.

5. Women don't support each other in the workplace.
I would love for people to quit perpetuating the "cat-fighting" myth. I know lots of women who give their time and energy to mentor other women and to create opportunities for women to help each other inside and outside of the workplace. Biologically, when you socially connect with others, you activate the brain regions that improve health and increase creativity.

To read the full article, head over to Dr. Reynold's blog at Psychology Today.

At Miel Sisters we are all about creating an intimate, feminine and positive work environment. It's not only important for our physical, mental and emotional well-being, but we feel that it is also represented in the quality of our products. The more women stand together to squash these myths, the better off we all will be. What types of myths have you experienced regarding women and success? Let us know in the comments!

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