Acro Yoga

Yoga is not typically associated with a sense of fearless adventure, or “stepping out of the box”. It is now a favorite mainstream exercise accepted by most age groups and has become a popular lifestyle trend in North America and around the world. While yoga is one of the best activities for connecting body mind and spirit, its widespread popularity has decreased its “edgy” or “exotic” appeal. There is now, however, a growing trend for Acro Yoga, a type of yoga that is anything but ordinary.

For someone looking for something exciting and unusual, Acro Yoga is an activity worth investigating. It combines various types of yogic elements such as bandhas (internal locks) dristi (gaze) ujiay breath (sounded breath) and vinyasa flow (synchronization of movement with breath) with acrobatic concepts. In essence, Acro Yoga is more choreographed and more theatrical than other forms of yoga, as it has dance and performance elements.

Acro Yoga is also a very “social” form of yoga. There is a lot interpersonal contact, so it would not be for someone who has an aversion to close human touch. Being ‘in the moment’ and in balance with another person is the essence of Acro Yoga. To watch an Acro Yoga “performance” is entertaining, as it is artistic and trans-like, yet rapid at the same time. To practice it can be described as intense yet fun, challenging yet liberating. To get a better idea about what Acro Yoga really is, check out their website, where you can see videos and photos:

To get an even better idea about what Acro Yoga has to offer, sign up for a class! Check out their Montreal studio:

Acro Yoga Montréal
372 Ste-Catherine West
Suite 118
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Telephone: 514-875-9642

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