Dressing for Winter: No Sweat

Our birthplace might well be tropical Colombia and, although we miss its sandy beaches and sunny predisposition, we’re really digging the snow we get here in Montreal, as we shovel our way to and from our homes each evening. If you can’t beat winter, you might as well embrace it! We love getting active in outdoor sports like skating, snowshoeing and skiing, which allow us to enjoy fresh air and lovely scenery while working up a sweat. Yet, the question remains: how does one dress to avoid freezing to death while braving the great outdoors? 

It’s Not Cool to Be Cold

When the mercury drops, the first layer you slip on in the morning makes a difference once you get moving outside. If your base layer is cotton, as soon as you start to perspire, the cotton will absorb the sweat, become heavy and wet, and chill you to the bones. Your best defense against the cold? Opt for moisture-wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the skin, keeping you nice and dry during your outdoor workout.

Underwear made of moisture-wicking blends, such as spandex and microfiber, is light and quick drying. It’s also very stretchy and super comfy, making it the perfect ally in sub-zero climes.  From that point on, simply pile on the layers depending on the temperature and activity you plan on tackling. Consider outerwear options made of synthetic polyester blends, silk or merino wool.

Here at miel®, we up the ante by adding antimicrobial protection against stains and odors to our fabric blends so that our bras and panties stay clean and fresh longer (trust us: this will be good news as you lounge on the sofa after a long day on the slopes).

We’re Sweet on Winter!

So, what do we wear when we head outdoors? Well, that’s pretty much a no-brainer given that we naturally gravitate to our own undies when we step outside for a little fun.

Valeria likes the style and comfort of the RACER racerback bra and LUNA thong when she hits the cross-country skiing trails with her husband, whereas Camilla dons the body-hugging COCO camisole and IRIS hipster when she takes her daughter up the mountain for some serious tobogganing. The fact that our tops are seamless and wireless provides all the more comfort and ease of movement without requiring an underwire.

When you plan on heading outside for a workout, think soft, stretchy and sweat-proof underwear. What more could you wish for… other than even more snow. Let the winter games begin!

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