As a female I always feel inspired when I see women from various races and social status uniting for one common cause; the empowerment of us! This week has been just that, educating and celebrating what it means to be a female and the power we possess. It began when musicians, actors and a stadium filled with 50 000 females let their power be heard during the Sound of Change concert in London. The event was to inaugurate, Chime for Change, a new female empowerment campaigned established  by  Gucci, geared at raising funds and awareness to  women’s issues and supporting projects like access to education, healthcare and justice  for females around the world. The celebration included a series of high energy charged performances by Beyoncé ( co founder of the campaign), Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blidge, and Madonna who  delivered a moving speech.


For more information on how to be apart of this new global female empowerment campaign or to donate please visit www.chimeforchange.org

Here are some the performances from the concert below.




  Also this week, media mogul and Forbes 11th powerful woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey was awarded with   an honorary doctorate from Harvard University, for her  outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment and extensive humanitarian work. She also took to the podium to give the graduating class of 2013 an inspirational commencement speech .During the speech she shared personal stories of triumph and failure, even offering advice on how to perceive inevitable let-downs, stating "there is no such thing as failure -- failure is just life trying to move us in another direction." In her closing statements she reminded the graduates to live life with a purpose and in the  “most highest, truest expression of self” in order to achieve success.


To watch the full length speech, hit below.

http://www.extratv.com/2013/05/31/oprah-winfrey-receives-honorary-degree-     gives-commencement-speech-at-harvard/



It is both uplifting and progressive when females in conservative societies are held to high regards and granted access to things women in modern societies take for granted. Just this week a licence was finally issued in Saudi Arabia to open the very first sports center dedicated females; a modern series of change expected to increase women’s rights in conservative countries. The center will allow for girls and women to take part in sports, fitness regiments and  health education. It is a positive advancement and hopefully in the coming months well see more progress for  females in Saudi Arabia

To read more about the center hit the link below.







This weekend will be all about fast cars, celebrities, exclusive parties and excessive spending at this years Grand Prix weekend.Those with passes to the Formula 1 races, should be well equipped with umbrellas, as it will be one wet occasion. As for the ticket-less race car fans, you can share in the excitement, in a different setting, thanks to St Catherine Street. Like every year, expect to see exotic cars on display, or being driven, musical performances and other F1 associated activities.  Regardless of the rain, there will be plenty beautiful people out for an eventful Grand Prix weekend. #mtlgrandprix

How will you be spending your  Grand Prix weekend, let us know.

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