My Mother, My Sister, My Self

The apple never falls far from the tree. The apples, in this case, being designing sisters Camila and Valeria, who have their mother Beatriz to thank for their roots in rich family soil. Born and raised in Colombia, the sisters hail from a gene pool overflowing with beauty, talent and business savvy, all courtesy of mama. Beatriz, a professor of sociology living and teaching in Montreal, has always been a source of pride and inspiration to her girls, who are as strong, independent and willful as she is. Like mother, like daughters!
Miel Sisters with Mom!
 It's all in the family! Valeria (with baby Alicia), Camila and their mother, Beatriz

Miel Sisters with Mom Beatriz with Valeria (age 6) and Camila (age 4)

To celebrate Mother’s Day, the sisters share some loving words about their mom. Given such heartfelt sentiments, it’s little wonder they have created a collection that embraces womanhood at all ages!

Camila on Life Lessons Learned With Mom
I have so many childhood memories with my mom! I owe her my appreciation of fashion, art and travelling, which all started at an early age. My mom gave me a love of learning that goes far beyond textbooks. She taught me that no matter how much you think you already know about the world, there’s always so much more to discover.

I think the greatest gift my mom gave me was the tools to build a strong friendship with my sister. They are my pillars, I lean on them and truly adore them.

Valeria on the Loving Legacy of Motherhood
When I became a mother, I realized the infinite love that my mom had for me, love that I am so grateful for.

I have always looked to my mother for advice, examples and ideas. She is an intelligent woman, who is determined, confident and strong with an incredible sense of aesthetics and curiosity to learn more about the world and others. She made me realized that the world is big and learning is endless.

I would love to be as great a mother to my kids as she has been to my sister and me. She taught us to rely upon, support and love each other, which has made us unconditional friends. I can only hope to inspire my children in the same fashion.

The Miel Sisters wish moms everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day!

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