The Art of Matchmaking

Let’s do a show of hand, ladies: any matchmakers out there? ... That’s what I thought. Not too many of us willingly admit to what my trusty Oxford defines as “scheming to bring couples together.” My own mother denies ever dirtying her manicured hands with matchmaking during my single days. And yet, she was the mastermind behind the single worst blind date of my life involving a grungy bar on Duluth St., bad wine and the company of said date who not only talked me deaf and dumb for more than two hours but also shamelessly flirted with pretty much every guy who came across our path, from the firemen cruising the Main to the vile drunk sprawled on the bar. Apparently, the fact that he was gay did not factor into my mother’s thought process… Nor his, it would seem. I ended up with the bar bill and a blinding migraine.

Sucky blind dates aside, what about matchmaking when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? Do you scheme to match shoes with handbag, lips with nail polish, left sock with right sock? Just how far are you prepared to go when it comes to pairing clothes? And if you don’t match, does this automatically mean that you’re mismatched?

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the closet. Do you like to match your bra to your undies? Not necessarily my thing, I tend to fear the overly predictable.

Miel_0633_1_a(2) COLOR BLOCK (2) Coral and Blue... A perfect mismatch!

Having said that, there’s something undeniable about the cohesive appeal of a set: whether it’s by dint of color or cut, the pieces fit together like a match made in heaven. It’s the wow factor of the Brangelina couple, the “one-two punch” allure of a couple of fine looking specimens coming together. Speaking of which… Not to toot my own horn, but let's just say that I scored high points with my significant other when I wore the NANA bra and IRIS hipster in Radiant Red. Yes, my friends, it takes two to tango and it doesn’t get any better than tangoing in red. Oh so perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Matchmaking doesn’t always work but, sometimes, magic happens. (Note to self: the NANA and IRIS will soon be available in Blue Denim. Time to meet my match!)

NANA bra and IRIS culotte in Radiant Red NANA bra and IRIS culotte in Radiant Red


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