The Perfect Bra Fit

Having the best bra means very little if it doesn’t fit properly. According to Montelle Intimates bra expert Sylvie Gaumond, the biggest mistake women make when choosing a bra is not knowing their real bra size. Can you imagine the shock of finding out that after years of wearing a 36C, you’re actually a 34D? No wonder we all complain about not getting the support we need. A well-fitted bra feels and looks better, and will give any figure an extra boost.

Size Does Matter

To find the best-fitting bra for your body, the first step is knowing your bra size, which is based on 2 measurements: band size and cup size.

Tape measure for bra measurementBand size refers to the measurement around the rib cage, under the breasts.

Cup size is where things get a little complicated. Cup size basically represents the difference between your bust and your rib cage.

Different brands calculate cup sizes differently, but for all intents and purposes, it’s bust size (the measurement taken around the fullest part of breasts, right across nipples) minus band size (the measurement around your rib cage). The difference in inches between the two is then charted to match a cup size such as the one below:   

1 in       A
2 in       B
3 in       C
4 in       D
5 in       DD

Getting the Right Fit

Back Band & Closure

When trying on a bra, make sure the band sits straight across your back. Look in a mirror: the back should be parallel to the front. Otherwise, if it rides up, your breasts may sag due to lack of support. Properly adjusting the band is pretty darn important as it is, after all, your supporting cast.

Also, attach bra using the loosest back hook. This way, as fabric stretches over time and with use, you can tighten your bra, thus maintaining good support and fit.

Shoulder Straps

Check to see that shoulder straps are well adjusted: they should sit firmly at shoulder without slipping off or digging into your skin. A good rule of thumb: you should be able to slip a finger between the strap and your shoulder.

Cup Size

Move around to make sure your breasts fit comfortably in cups and stay in place. Are there any creases in the fabric near breasts? This is a sign that cup size is too big. Try sizing down in cups or change styles. Conversely, if your breasts are spilling or popping out of cups (the dreaded double bubble), you need to try one size up. A larger cup or a different style with more coverage will give your puppies the love and support they so desperately crave.

According to Sylvie Gaumond, cup size might vary from one bra style to the next. So don’t be surprised if you don’t wear the same cup size in your t-shirt bra as you do in your push-up. If a bra doesn’t feel or fit right, try going up or down one cup size. Band size, however, always remain the same. Decide on the type of bra you want (full coverage, seamless, wireless, etc.) and then try the bra in various sizes.

Breast Friends Forever

A few final words of wisdom: your bra is your best friend when it comes to looking good and feeling comfortable from morning to night. Bra fitting is more art than science, so always make sure to try on different styles in sister sizes before committing your chest to any one special bra. Take the time to find the perfect fit: your breasts will thank you!

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