Unwelcome Dimples

It can’t kill you, but it can certainly ravage your self-esteem at a pool party. Whatever you choose to call it: cottage cheese, orange peel, the surface of the moon, Cellulite is a condition debilitating to many women’s confidence.

What: Cellulite is a modification of the skin’s surface, distinguished by skin dimpling and lumps that occurs mainly in women in the pelvic region, lower limbs, and abdomen and is caused by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within bands of fibrous connective tissue. Another way to describe it is by imagining an overstuffed armchair, where the “stuffing” pushes beyond the threading and buttons.

Who: Cellulite affects over 80% of females over the age of 18 (although there are probably many more cases unaccounted for). Some men report cellulite, but in far fewer numbers. Over the past few years, tabloids have exploded with stories and images of celebrities’ backsides. It seems as a society, we have become obsessed with “catching” our favorite stars with this condition.

Why: The causes for Cellulite are numerous and complex. Many are factors beyond our control—genetics, hormones, metabolic changes, and inflammation. Some of the causes are lifestyle-related such as diet and exercise (or lack thereof); however, it should be noted that even underweight people can have cellulite, while overweight people may have little or none.

How: Some experts are skeptical about Cellulite treatments, others swear by miracle cures. Leading Montreal Dermatologist Dr. Alfred Balbul suggests topical creams with caffeine can provide a temporary solution by reducing the appearance of Cellulite, while the product Cellex-C has provided more lasting effects in some of his patients. Recently, various machines have been getting a lot of attention as well, most notably VelaShape, the device Kim Kardashian demonstrated on television. These Cellulite-reducing devices claim to use light and laser energy that reportedly forces fat into the body's lymph system so that it can be eliminated.
Some conquerors of the condition swear by Hot Yoga, increased water intake and decreased salt and sugar intake, and claiming this exercise increases circulation and rids the body of toxins. Finally, a simple and easy solution to “mask” the appearance of lumpy thighs: get a full-body wax, a tan, and wear matching underwear. No matter what your shape, these steps will make your body look better instantly.

The first step to changing the appearance of your Cellulite is admitting you have it, and then embracing it. Whichever steps you choose to try, be they the pricier laser treatments or Yoga, keep in mind that almost everyone has some Cellulite, and that it is a normal part of a woman’s anatomy. Whether the quest for smooth thighs is successful for you or not, all the healthy eating, exercise, and creams will surely improve your overall appearance. Feeling good means looking good, so grab your water bottle and get moving!

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