So now we’re officially part of the “blog world”. To be quit frank, we’re just learning our way around this “great way of communication”, “amazing e-tool”, “wonderful way to stay in touch” and all those superlative adjectives that everyone keeps given to the blogs.

We will start by using this “virtual wall” to write little messages, share some fun stories and give some practical tips on everything that happens with us, the MielSisters.

This week, we would love to invite you to carefully read –and start practicing- this useful tips that we found in a magazine to make not only your Miel Undies & Bras but all of your underwear last.

We know that we’re busy women who don’t have time to hand wash anything, so we recommend that if you use your washing machine, use the gentle cycle and PLEASE use a laundry bag.


Have a great week.

take good care of your underwear

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