I know that is conventional, but I fell into the trap of wearing a bra that can magically change my natural boob's appearance to a more "flattering" shape than it's original. However I am aware that to achieve this "illusion" such a bra must be tricked with a "heavy metal" underwire & usually a bulky constrictive padding that provides me with a sensation of discomfort & uneasy.

After trying my first MIEL wireless Nana Bra, I felt so good  and discovered a revolutionary kind of bra that made me felt confident, free and naturally sexy. The Nana bra it's so light and feels like a second skin, with a supportive and defining fit and without an underwire. It's fresh, breathable,  flexible and it allows me to move freely no matter what I'm doing. At first I didn't think it was possible for any bra to offer a beautiful, sexy look without old-fashioned lace, underwire or padding, but the Nana bra proved me wrong and opened my senses to a new kind of "sexy". What could be sexier than comfort and confidence?

While it may be desirable in certain situations to wear the "extra push",  the truth of the matter is that the constriction of underwire bras worn for an extended period of time, can result into negative effects and may be adversely affect our health.

Some of the problems attributed to wearing an under-wire bra for a long time of period include:

1. Breathing problems: Bras that are tight and feature underwire are constrictive and put stress on bones and muscles, which can cause breathing problems. The underwire support the breast by pressing on the rib cage which restricts breathing and puts pressure on the diaphragm.

2. Circulation problems:  Can develop when the pectoral muscles in the chest are compressed.  Constantly having your breasts pushed inwards can cause circulation restriction, which may damage breast tissue.

3. Locked in moisture and perspiration: caused by the wrong fitted under wire, can cause skin rash.

4. Skin problems: underwire, tight straps or hooks digging into the flesh can cause lesions.

5. Locked in moisture and perspiration: underwire could trap moisture by increasing perspiration and chafing under the breasts and in the cleavage area.


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