Airport Yoga

Family vacations will instill happy memories in most children, as well as a deeply ingrained sense of embarrassment that comes from traveling with parents. I was never spared the sense of chagrin from watching my father stretch his calves in front of everyone before boarding the airplane. Sometimes as we grow up, we realize our parents were on to something, and these airport aerobics are no exception. From pacing up and down the aisles, to bringing too many snacks, to stretching before a flight, we can learn from our parents to avoid the dreaded aches and pains that come from traveling.

Long flights can be the cause of several ailments falling into three general categories: muscle pain, abdominal-related discomfort, and mental exhaustion. Fortunately, there are some techniques you can learn in yoga that help alleviate the problems in all three areas. Firstly, your parents were probably doing yoga without even knowing it when they were stretching in the terminal. Simple stretches can help you avoid everything from cramping to mild deep-vein thrombosis. Careful neck stretches, sitting cow pose and cat pose, and a few sun salutations should help you feel more limber and relaxed. Secondly, if you are a regular yogi, you will know that yoga helps promote healthy internal systems. You may avoid stomach cramping and constipation on your flight if you have been doing regular yoga during the weeks prior. Finally, the breathing learned in yoga can help you relax when the inevitable high-frustration scenarios that occur during the flight: long line ups for the restroom, screaming children, having to hold onto your plastic cup for twenty minutes until the stewardess arrives, and life-threatening turbulence. Careful yoga breathing and meditation will be remarkably effective.

Next time you fly, make a yoga a part of your preparation as much as packing. It isn’t embarrassing anymore, in fact, security makes you remove your shoes anyways, so you are already on your way to a relaxing and fulfilling yoga session as soon as you leave the baggage scan! Last but not least, do not forget to wear your Miel® undies that are perfect for staying fresh and comfy during those long hours on the plane.

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