Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Do you have a female hero? A woman who inspires you and makes you want to live life to the fullest? Lucky for the Miel Sisters, inspiring women abound in their close-knit clan. Their mother Beatriz, for one, stands out as a role model. Fiercely independent and strong willed, this accomplished professor of sociology is a compelling force of nature, perhaps even more so now that she is abuelita, or grandma, to three adorable grand-children—Camila’s 1-year-old baby Fiona and Valeria’s 7-year-old son Miguel and 5-year-old daughter Alicia.

Strong female characters obviously run in the family because the sisters’ other major source of inspiration is their beloved aunt Coco. A lawyer in her native Colombia, Coco made human rights her top priority, always rooting for the underdog, and acted as a nurturing presence for the sisters and their friends over the years. Although she died of breast cancer in 2009, Coco continues to be a guiding light for Camila and Valeria who value the fierceness and love she exhibited throughout her life and illness. Named in her honour, their COCO camisole represents the unique blend of strength, support and comfort that made their tia Coco so special.

October is breast cancer awareness month and a time to celebrate our female heroes. In the midst of our busy lives, we should never forget their many victories and losses. Nor should we forget to take care of ourselves (get screened!) and have the sweetest time of our life.

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