Match Made in Underwear Heaven

From the time we step out of bed to the moment we tuck in for the night, myriad decisions affect the way we live and feel. Great big decisions like: thong or panty? Or the more devious and connotation-laden quandary of cozy pyjamas vs sheer nightie. The choices we make lead to definite actions… and consequences.

The career we choose. The people we choose to work with or for. The place we choose to live, work and play in. The smorgasbord of choices we make throughout our lives is vast and varied.

Take the Miel Sisters and Salua Lingerie, for instance. In a bid to create bits of magic for us ladies to wear, the two brands have decided to join forces. Not only do they share a cultural heritage (they both hail from Colombia), they also share similar values when it comes to dressing today’s woman.

Miel Lingerie

Opting to work together and base themselves in Montreal, Camila and Valeria, the designing sisters behind the Miel brand, chose to design alluring seam-free bras, panties and camisoles with today’s busy active woman in mind. Miel is designed to take a gal from the gym to a night out on the town in one giant seamlessly sexy step.

Yoga_underwear_blue Miel in the Desert

Salua Lingerie

When Shadia decided to take on the Salua sleepwear made famous by her mother in Santa Marta, Colombia and set up shop in Seattle, she pursued the tradition of creating beautiful ethereal pieces in lace and soft breathable cotton. Pieces are designed in Seattle yet manufactured in Colombia, another important decision for the designer.

Salua_lingerie_nightie Looking pretty in Salua

Match Made in Underwear Heaven

Where Miel fits and flatters, Salua flits and flutters. Lucky for you, our exclusive DULCE NOCHE set doesn’t require you to choose between the two! It delivers a Salua boyfriend nightshirt and three Miel undies in one sweet bundle. Finally, a no-brainer!

Dulce_Noche_Lingerie_Set Exclusively yours: the DULCE NOCHE set!

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