Going Wireless!

Can you smell the lemony scent of spring cleaning in the air? Nothing says spring quite like a squeaky-clean house. Pardon the pun but isn’t high time to also do a little Maytime cleanout of your… uhmm, drawers? Spring fashions beg for fresh, lightweight undergarments that put your best curves forward. Personally, I like my underpinnings to be comfortable yet chic. With a contemporary twist. I love seamless underwear that breathes well and lets me stretch my limbs to new heights, whether I’m at the office, doing Pilates or seeing the latest Jim Jarmush flick. Case in point, I love my sweet new Nana bra so much that I’ve banished all my underwire support systems to the back of the cedar closet. So, goodbye hardware, I’m going wireless from now on. Let spring fever begin!


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