Mother Nurture

Allow me slip into my very best, most comfortable seamless bra as we bid adieu to April. Easter has come and gone and, I don’t know about you, but my little bunnies have tracked milk chocolate all over the new(ish) linen sofa. (I know, I know. Linen… What was I thinking?) Luckily, April showers bring May flowers, spring cleaning and lest anybody dares forget, the single most important day of the year, yes you heard me, Mother’s Day.

Celebrated the world over, Mother’s Day is the one day in the year when moms need—what am I saying, crave!—to be recognized, acclaimed, pampered, maybe even catered to. Because let’s face it, motherhood can be a bitch at times, it’s a long dry stretch of sleepless nights, dirty dishes and split ends towards recognition.

And don’t kid yourself: it’s the one day you cannot afford to shun your own mum. In my twenties, long before I logged my first 5 km at the helm of a baby stroller, I once actually dismissed the whole concept of Mother’s Day. And yes, my mom was alive and kicking. No phone call, no card, nary a wilted carnation in sight. Oh boy. Kudos to my mom, because she banged on my door and gave me a good ol’ fashioned dressing-down. (Mom, if you’re reading this, I really am sorry.) Now, I get it. So heed this warning. If you’re a mom, or expecting to be one soon, don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones that yes, a little gift, a little time off, a little pampering, will do just fine thank you.

Be shameless. Ask for that Miel yoga bra you’ve been coveting.

If you’re craving to try the new living food eatery that opened downtown—because the only raw food you’ve seen in the last six months was in the form of a carrot stick—then get your significant other to book the babysitter and reserve a table for two.

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a quiet day at home: exit lace, welcome wireless bra. Put your feet up, grab the latest mom sensation, Violet Gaynard and Kelly Stuart’s “The Glow: An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood,” and sit back while your partner and the kids whip up dinner or, better yet, order sushi.

 Miel lady reading

And just when you think you’ve had enough pampering for the day, curl up under a blanket with a chick under each wing and watch your favorite kid friendly movie. I know our household will be watching “The Incredibles.” I mean, as far as kick-ass moms go, you gotta love Holly Hunter as Elastigirl.

Mama. Now isn’t that the sweetest sounding four-letter word you’ve ever heard?

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Valeria's little chick, Alicia


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