Great Expectations

This Mother’s Day heralds big news at Miel Sisters! Cofounder Camila is expecting her second child (another daughter!) in a few short weeks. But with all the excitement come the challenges of balancing family and work. 

Camila answers a few questions about pregnancy and the ultimate act of juggling kids, career and self-care in her busy schedule. The perfect reminder for all of us to breathe deeply, whether we’re pregnant or not! 


How was your pregnancy? Did you experience sickness, fatigue, crazy hormones?

My 1st trimester was hard because of morning sickness and fatigue, but I felt great afterwards. I guess the major difference with this pregnancy is that I do get a little more tired since I have another child to care for at home. 

Speaking of which, how does your daughter Fiona feel about the new baby? Is she happy or do you sense a little worry on her behalf?

Fiona will turn 4 in June and she’s super excited about her baby sister. She talks about her every day and refers to her as “my baby” such as “When my baby is here, I’m going to read her this book” and “I’m going to teach her how to sing,” etc. My heart just melts every time! It’s so sweet that she's excited. I can’t wait to see her cuddling her baby sister! 

How do you manage couple vs family time?

It’s never easy to balance couple and family life especially with little kids in the house! My husband and I try to stay connected even when we’re not together. If either one of us is off on business, we’ll call each other to check in and send videos or pictures of what happened during the day. When we’re home, we love to take Fiona out for an early dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. This gives us time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  

How do you feel about your changing body?

Pregnancy is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. When I get stressed about my pregnant body and the changes it’s going through, I try to chill out and focus on how amazing it is that I’m growing a baby right inside my belly! It makes me feel superhuman. I also make sure to take care of myself and give my body what it needs.  

How do you do to cope with stress?

For me, nothing is better than exercise to get energized and clear your head. Especially when you’re pregnant! I love doing spin classes, barre, Pilates or yoga.  

What is the biggest challenge of running your own business while raising a young family?

Accepting that I can’t do it all or have it all at the same time. I want to be with my children as much as possible while they are growing up, which is happening so fast. I still can’t believe my first baby will be turning 4 soon! My career, my business and my professional goals are very important to me too, however, I know that I will be working full time for many years to come! :) 

Where do you get your support?

I feel very lucky because I have lots of help. My husband is amazing, he takes care of Fiona and me as well as household chores like shopping, cooking, driving, etc. My sister Valeria takes care of our business, which gives me time to spend with my baby. Plus I’m more than willing to pay for help when I need it! 

We can’t end this without mentioning the sweetest things! What miel items will you wear most after giving birth?

The IRIS hipster in particular is the panty that I know I’m going to wear every single day. It’s so soft and comfortable, and hugs my body in all the right places. It just feels right. And the NANA bra is basically my ideal everyday bra. It’s super comfortable and supportive with just the perfect amount of stretch. What’s not to love! ;) 

Happy Mother’s Day to all our sweet customers!

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