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We’re sharing big news with our customers! Designed in Montréal, where we live and work, the miel® collection is now manufactured in Colombia, the country where we were born and raised. 

Colombia is obviously very close to our hearts. Besides the emotional reasoning behind this decision, there is a very down-to-earth rationale: Colombia is one of the leading textile producers in America. From ready-to-wear to intimates, the country features top factories, fabrics and working conditions, in addition to industry-leading brands such as Leonisa and Maaji. 

Special programs allow employees to follow educational programs at work or receive stipends to pursue their schooling on their own time. Some of the women we met on the factory floor told us they were taking night classes, backed by the full support of their superiors. Encouragement like this makes a big difference in a person’s life and something we’re proud to be part of. Last spring, we flew to Bogota to visit the factory where our bras, camisoles, panties and thongs are made and get a feel for the place. We were met with a clean, safe and well-organized factory, where employees enjoy good conditions and schedules. Most of the workers, on the factory floor and in the offices, are women and many are the sole bread earners of their families. The second in charge of the office is also a woman, which is a big deal as Colombia is a very macho society where it’s much tougher for women in the workplace. It was therefore a huge pleasure for us to meet and exchange with strong and independent female colleagues.  

Colombia is a blossoming country full of color, music and warmth. People have to be creative and resourceful because living conditions aren’t always easy. It’s important for our kids to visit often enough to know where their moms and relatives come from, because it’s a very different reality than the one here in Canada. Colombia faces many challenges, such as poverty, inequality and insecurity, but at the same time it is actively developing a stronger economy thanks to this native creativity. As proud Colombians, business owners and mothers, we also hope to play a leading role in the community by providing support to undernourished pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers thanks to a special campaign we will soon be launching.

Change isn’t always easy, but we truly believe that the decision to move the manufacturing process to our homeland is in the best interest of our brand and the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. For us, it makes a lot of sense to use our contacts, our language and our country of origin to inject even more love into our sweetest things. It’s also a perfect excuse to go and visit family once in a while. 

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