Loco for Coco!

By the time fall rolls around, the leaves have turned and the air is crisp and redolent of home baking. We’re good and ready for a hot toddy, a new wardrobe and yet another season of House of Cards.

October is also breast cancer awareness month, a subject that is close to our hearts (and, indeed, bosoms). In the summer of 2009, our dear aunt Coco lost her fight against breast cancer. She was 67 when she died, leaving behind the man with whom she shared her life, three children and all the rest of us.

Long before we ever hooked up our first bras, tia Coco was a big part of our lives. Lovingly nicknamed Borito by us kids, Coco was a respected fiscal lawyer in Columbia who fought passionately for the rights of others.

She was loving and generous. There was no limit to the family and friends she welcomed into her home and into her heart. Living with her during our college years, she always welcomed our friends as if they were her own, spending entire afternoons chatting with them even if we weren’t around. Her house was an open house! She was quirky too, we used to laugh about the old Corolla that she loved and treated like a Ferrari. These are all parts of Coco we still cherish.


Coco landing her first parachute jump! Coco landing her first parachute jump!

Coco was a strong, determined and active woman. Throughout her illness and treatment, she laughed, danced and fought like a warrior. She never lost hope. She passed away right after we launched the three first styles of our collection, so she did get to wear some of our undies. It was in honour of her memory that we named our COCO camisole. It represents the combination of strength, support and comfort with which our aunt lived her life.

October 12 was Coco’s birthday. To celebrate our aunt’s memory and draw attention to breast cancer awareness, we’re offering 25% off all COCO camisoles, from October 12 to 19. What better way to go Loco for COCO!

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