Striking a Pose with Yasmin Yoga

Who better to embody the joy and spirit of sweet Miel undies than Yasmin F. Gow, yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, owner of Yasmin Yoga Loft located in Old Montreal. Miel Sisters Camilla and Valeria have known Yasmin for about four years and when the opportunity to partner up with her presented itself, the sisters thanked their lucky stars, saluted the sun and were, quite simply, over the moon!

Read on to find out a little more about this inspiring yogapreneur. And don’t forget to check out her smoking-hot photo shoot in the Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. We'll be posting the photos very soon... in the meantime, here's a sneak peek:

Yasmin in red

Photo courtesy of Andrea Hausmann

Suzanne: I recently read that you enjoy fashion and like to dress up. As a person who spends many hours in and around a yoga studio, what role does fashion play in your life?

Yasmin: I love and appreciate art in all its forms. Fashion for me is art you take with you on to the street. I’m not into labels, but have always been interested in things that are well made, tailored, unique, and one of a kind. I mostly like neutrals with wild accessories.

After a long and drawn out winter, the warm weather is finally here. What Miel items will you be wearing this summer?

The low rise SOL thongs, for sure, as they are the best for yoga and the MIMI bandeau under my tank tops. I also have a new sheer dress, which pairs perfectly with the nude color bandeau and the IRIS culotte.

In this day and age of high tech undergarments, what are your thoughts on wireless… underwear?

Thank goodness for wireless bras! They are more flexible, so good for yoga poses and better for deep intercostal breathing. Plus, they are more comfortable.

You always look so amazing. What is your daily beauty routine? Do you have a secret up that cap sleeve of yours?

Thank you! I sleep well, exercise daily, eat a plant-based diet according to my ayurvedic constitution, and take care of my skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and its primary function is to breathe and detox. Very important. I am obsessed with Arbonne products, as they are vegan, toxin free and based on ayurvedic principles which I relate to.

You’re just back from Nevada where you posed under the sun in Miel accoutrements. Sounds like fun, and the pics are gorgeous. What was the coolest place you ever practiced yoga?

Valley of Fire in Nevada where we shot those pictures is pretty high up on the list. Another memorable practice was on a six-hour train ride across Germany. Stability is a really interesting challenge on a train or boat. But, really, my favorite place to practice is in nature—my toes in the soft grass, tall trees around me, a breeze, and, whenever possible, a view of the water. When I lived in Byron Bay, I used to practice on the cliffs facing the easternmost tip of the Australian mainland and that was pretty epic. Right now, I am enjoying practicing in the grass on De la Commune in the Old Port near my new loft. It's pretty nice. Come join me this summer!

It’s June and many of us want to make the most of the long summertime days. What positions do you suggest to boost creative energy?

Standing poses like triangle, side angle, warriors, etc. Balancing poses like tree, dancer, eagle and half-moon. Arm balances are good too as they boost confidence and courage. Best practice for increasing creative energy are poses that open up the places in the body where one feels energetically congested. This is different for each of us, so I suggest people breathe and follow the flow of their own body's needs and desires for movement.

Have you ever tried stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga? Is this a craze or is it here to stay? In other words, need I start to worry about waterproofing my yoga shorts?

I have tried and enjoyed stand up paddle boarding, but not SUP yoga. For me yoga is about being grounded and stable, I imagine that is very difficult on a paddleboard. But I suspect that's the point. I would be interested in giving it a try. After all, yoga on water sounds cool. Is it a craze? I don't know. But I suggest everyone try it at least once and make their own decision.

You are a certified yoga teacher and ayurvedic practitioner, you have your own yoga studio in Old Montreal, you hold the Guinness world record for the longest yoga marathon performed by a woman, you’ve created a series of yoga DVDs, you write, you give lectures, etc. Heck, you’ve accomplished a whole lot. Do you have a bucket list? And if so, can you share an item or two with us?

Yes! I have a huge desire to swim with wild humpback whales. I have heard of a place in Tahiti that takes out small groups once a year. I have dreams about doing something like that. I also want to travel across India and learn how to properly toss pizza dough! Know any pizza chefs who would be willing to teach me? (Editor’s note: We’ll get right on that.)

What is your guilty pleasure? And please, don’t say dark chocolate. Let me get the ball running by sharing mine: condensed milk spooned straight out of the can. There. I said it. So, yours better be darn good.

Polish vodka and apple juice. Not just any Polish vodka—it has to be Żubrówka!—or just any apple juice—I prefer Hucks or a dark cider-like apple juice. Another treat: Guinness with a scoop of Coconut Bliss “ice cream.” This is a unique twist on an ice cream float that I take full credit for inventing two summers ago. Try it. It sounds gross but it's amazing. I also love salty things like chips. Are you good with that? (Editor’s note: Oh yeah baby!)

Let’s wrap this up with a funny anecdote about yoga, travelling, underwear, whatever. Anything you care to share?

Rather than funny, let's go deep... The purpose of yoga (and life) is about being fully united with yourself and understanding your value. The light, the sexy, the ugly, the innocent, the confused, the ridiculous, the jealous, and the dark are all parts of who we are. Obviously, there are many ways to work with of all this. Find your own way to gain insight—yoga postures, dance, conscious breathing, meditation, poetry, painting, martial arts, whatever. Being aware, accepting and appreciative of the various facets of ourselves is massively important if we want to experience freedom and make any impact in this world.

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