Sweet Summer Sprees

Summertime is all about fun in the sun and easy breezy style. So, what do Miel girls do for fun and how do they look so hot while staying cool? Well, their secret is out: a little bit of Miel goes a long way no matter what you’re doing this summer!

As promised in our previous post, here are some pics of yoga teacher Yasmin F. Gow kicking off her summer with a bang by posing for Miel Sisters in the Nevada desert. Yasmin certainly did her best to crank up the heat and get temperatures rising as she stretched and lunged amongst the rocks. It doesn’t get much hotter than this!

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Yasmin in Nevada (all photos courtesy of Andrea Hausmann)

Others such as Miel Sister co-founder, Valeria, packed up the family and headed off to her native Columbia, land of magical realism and famed author Gabriel García Márquez, for some well-deserved R&R. Now, if like Valeria you need to spend any length of time travelling by plane (or car, boat or train, for that matter), you might think comfort first and style later when it comes to travel clothes. But why compromise? The NANA bra is sleek yet cozy enough to sleep in (just ask Valeria!) and the COCO camisole is another easy item to pack, for day or night, as it goes with shorts at the beach or with your favorite eyelet circle skirt for a museum tour. A sight for sore eyes in any suitcase!

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Valeria with son Miguel and daughter Alicia

For her part, Miel Sister Camila went the whole nine yards (or, in this case, the whole nine months) with her summer plans this year and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in late June. What sweeter way to bolster the Miel sisterhood! New mom Camila will certainly be wearing her MIMI bandeau to nurse; it just can’t get any comfier or easier than this, especially during the dog days of summer.

Perhaps you’re just staying put and hanging out at home. Summer is a great time to enjoy all the sights and sounds a city has to offer—in Montreal alone, festivals such as Nuits d’Afrique, Just for Laughs, Montreal Pride, to name but a few, provide entertainment opportunities galore—or the tranquility of a riverside picnic by the St. Lawrence River or a picturesque hike in the Eastern Townships. When it comes to dressing, go the easy route by pairing a MIMI bandeau with low slung joggers and a blazer for the evening. Now this look is sure to make a splash, whether you’re by a pool or not!

And what about you… how will you be spending your summer?

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