The Sauna And Its' Benefits

Stress Reliever

The  heat from a sauna  room relaxes the body and improves and stimulates the release of endorphin's body's natural feel good chemical.

Muscle and Joint relaxer

The endorphins released from the high heat  in a sauna room can quell the pain of arthritis and muscles soreness from intense physical workouts. The increases body temperature causes blood vessels to dilate and circulation to  increase.

Toxin Release

The increased heat naturally causes deep sweating,which  help to reduce lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and chemicals- all toxins commonly picked up in our environment.

Skin Cleanser

When deep sweat occurs  bacteria is rinsed out and  dead skin cells are replaced, keeping the skin in good working conditions. Continuously bathing skin in sweat breaks down collagen that result in wrinkles and sags.

Induces A Deep Sleep

When body temperature is raised in the late evening it will gall at bedtime facilitating sleep.

Recreational and Social Benefits.

The sauna room can be a  private or  public retreat  where one can social with friends and family. It is ideal for openness, quite conversations and intimacy.

Improves Cardiovascular Performance

The high heat from a sauna room can increase the heart   from 60-70 /min to 110-120/min. and can sink to a normal cooling off stage. With regular sauna we train our heart muscle, heart rate /cardio output and positively influence the regulatory system.

Burn Calories

The sweet process takes a lot of energy. That energy is derived from conversion of fat and carbohydrates in a process that burns the calories.

Fights Illness

The  the white blood cells produced from the heat and steam of a sauna can  help fight illness and kill virus.

Feels Good

As we go through our daily stressful lives, the sauna provides a pampering retreat- where we can relax and restore our body and soul. A sauna truely makes you "Feel Better", "Look Better" and "Sleep Better."


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