WARM Winter Nights

As the weather gets frostier in the northern parts of North America, we often feel that escaping the cold is a convenient excuse to burrow under the covers and feel deliciously lazy. Although these hot-cocoa-by-the-fire evenings are well deserved, too many may lead to those New Year’s weight loss resolutions. The cold might keep us trapped indoors, but it doesn’t have to keep us sedentary. If the frigid air is so uninviting that you just cant make it to the gym one day, remember, you can always work out at home.

You may have noticed that there are numerous home workout routines available. From popular yoga techniques on DVD to Richard Simmons on VHS, you might even have a collection of workout videos sitting on a dusty shelf. Tracy Anderson workouts, however, will not end up on that dusty shelf or in that filing box along with the scrapbook you told yourself you would finish. Finally, a workout routine on DVD that will give you results and is realistic to follow.

Tracy Anderson has trained celebrities such as Shakira, Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow. Her body is testament to the fact that she truly practices what she preaches. Her technique is based on combining cardio with toning—giving you a long, lean body. She does not promise any easy answers. You cannot live your best life by doing a crash diet or doing a few easy workouts now and then. There is no miracle cure. Following her system closely, however, will bring results. What is unique about Tracy’s system is how she teaches you to activate muscles using a variety of different rotations. Her explanations are clear, encouraging, and powerfully informative.

Explore her website for just 15 minutes and you will be hooked.


This winter, warm up with Tracy, not an electric blanket. Hibernating is for bears

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