Whether you are dealing with a weight issue, an alcohol addiction, a drug addiction, trying to lose that last 10 lbs, trying a new fad diet, or simply feel that you are fighting against your own body, there is one book that discusses the root of these issues, as well as the problems almost every woman faces.

This break-through book about our relationship with food has swept the nation. Women Food and God by Geneen Roth is a radical change from what you might have read about dieting. It asks the fundamental question: What are you really hungry for?
Acclaimed Canadian therapist Ruth Weinberger writes;

“Women, Food and G-d” has a powerful message. Gina Roth’s explanation of the disconnection from self and the empty void that many women (people) experience, and fill and medicate with food can be applied to many other substance and process addictions.
Even more powerful and important, are Ms. Roth’s tools and guidelines for healing and recovery that lead to reconnection with health, self-acceptance and a spiritual source to fill the void. This book is an excellent personal and professional resource.”
--Ruth Weinberger CFLEQ ICADC

This disconnection between our physical lives and our spiritual lives can manifest in all kinds of unhealthy behaviors. Overeating is sometimes the most obvious for many women. This might not be the case for everyone, however. Perhaps you cannot stop shopping, or exercising, getting plastic surgery, or gambling. In essence, our connection to God should perhaps be at the center of our lives, instead of on the back burner, or in many cases, nonexistent.

We loved this book and recommend it for anyone who wants to be healthy (and this means body, mind, AND soul). If you cannot find time to read a book this fall, think of this:
The next time you pick up a snack, ask yourself, what are you really hungry for? You might surprise yourself when you realize, it’s not always about the food.

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