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Get more out of your Bras

Learn how to give your bras the TLC they deserve so they live a long and happy life.

How to Care for your Bra

“JUST THROW IT IN THE WASH WITH THE TOWELS”, say too many women on a daily basis. YIKES! Bras are actually carefully designed textile technology and to work their best they need more TLC than your favorite old college tee.

Top 3 ways to get more life out of your bra:
Why Invest in a Proper Roster of Bras?

Picking out some new lingerie is a classic romantic gesture, but let’s get real. Women spend on average 12 hours a day and 4 368 hours a year wearing a bra and yet we give it so little thought.

Think of all the items in your closet you invested in and don’t wear remotely as often.
A good bra can do your great things for your body and your mind:

Complement a woman’s shape

Better silhouette proportions

Better posture

Sense of drive and a happier more confident you

Washing your Bra

It’s best to wash your bras after 2-3 wears. In between wears air out your bra, on a hanger or chair before storing it away or re-wearing it.

Hand washing:

You’ve probably heard it a million times but handwashing in cold water will extend the life of your bra considerably.

STEP 1: Submerge your bras in cold water in a basin or sink.

STEP 2: Add 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon* of lingerie-specific detergent, regular laundry detergent or even (gasp!) dish detergent to basin/sink.

STEP 3: Soak bras for approximately 15-30 minutes.

STEP 4: After 15-30 minutes, take bras out and rinse them gently.

STEP 5: Pat bras dry using a towel, but don’t ring them out or be too aggressive with the cups - that’s how you dent and crease them.

STEP 6: Once towel dried, hang bras over a rack by the center (not the straps or band) and let air dry**.

*Less is more when it comes to detergent. Too much and your garments will have soap residue.
**Putting your bra in the dryer will alter the shape and can make its structure deteriorate faster.

Machine washing:

No time to hand wash? No problem - there are gentle ways to machine wash without ruining your fave bra. Just keep in mind that your bras may have reduced lifespans by doing so…

STEP 1: Hook the back of your bra together and place in a mesh bag: You’ll thank us later when nothing gets snagged or tangled.

STEP 2: Careful what you wash with your bra. Pair similar things together and avoid washing with heavy items like jeans or bath towels.

STEP 3: Select the “gentle” or “delicate” cycle* on your washing machine and ensure the temperature is set to cold.

STEP 4: Once washed, remove from machine and hang them over a rack by the center (not the straps or band) and let them air dry**.

* Gentle or delicate is the closest thing to hand-washing, and cold won’t break down the elastic over time like warm water will.
** Putting your bra in the dryer will alter the shape and can make its structure deteriorate faster.

Bra Storage

It doesn’t seem like there would be a wrong way to store your bras … but sadly, there is. If you have padded bras, stack your bras like they do in the drawers at the store – don’t fold or twist them into each other.

Tip: Storage boxes help to compartmentalise bras in your lingerie drawer

Making your Bras Last Longer

At the end of a long day, we all need a break.
So do your bras.

Rotating your bras helps control some of the natural wear and tear on them. If you wear a bra two days in a row, the elastic doesn’t have enough time to return to its natural position and will wear out more quickly.

Only have one of your fave bras? Get another and rotate each and every day!

150 Wears

How often do you need to replace your bras?

When properly cared for, bras should last an average of 150 wears, which means even a well-made, well cared for bra worn every second day should be replaced annually.