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Do you feel pinching? Poking? Digging? Do you have the infamous side-boob? It's not you, it's your bra.

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All Things Bra Fit

90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Don’t let that be you!

Goal: If your boobs are flush with your cup with no pinching, poking, digging, overflow, gaping, sliding or tightness, you’re wearing the perfect fit for you. Congrats!

This guide will help you find your dream bra fit.

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Cup Issues


Underboob popping out? Tighten your hook closure OR go down a band size OR go up a cup size. Boobs should fill cup perfectly while laying flush with body.

Double Boob

Boobs spilling over your cup? Go up a cup size OR you need a bra with more coverage. Boobs should lay flush within the cup.

Perfect Fit - Front

Your boobs should fill up to the cup perfectly, without space. The cup should be flush with your skin.

Cups Gape

If there is a noticeable space between your boobs and cups, go down a cup size. Your boobs should fill up to the cup perfectly, without space.

Side Boob

Boobs pushing out from the sides? Loosen your bra straps. Still there? You need a bigger cup size.

Perfect Fit - Side

With the correct fit, there should be no pinching, digging, or side boob. The side of cup should be flush with your skin.

Strap Issues

Slipping Straps

Are your straps slipping off your shoulders? Tighten your straps. Still slipping? Try a tighter band. Still slipping? Try one of our convertible strap bras – a cross-back will solve this issue and keep them in place.

Digging Straps

Are your straps digging into your shoulders or leaving a red mark? Loosen straps. Still in pain? Go up a cup size. You shouldn’t experience any discomfort with the right fit.

Perfect Fit - Straps

With the right fit, you can lift the straps about 1” off your shoulders, without force. There shouldn't be any slipping, pinching or digging.

Band Issues

Digging Band

Band digging into you? Loosen your hook and closure setting. Still in pain? Go up a band size.

Band Riding High

Band too high up? Your straps may be too tight – try loosening them. Still riding high? Tighten your hook and eye closure to a closer setting.* Still riding high? Go down a band size and up a cup size. Now your band should sit straight across your back.

*At the last setting of your hook-and-eye closure? The elasticity in the band may have stretched / worn out. You’re due for a new bra. Learn more on how to extend the life of your bra here.

Perfect Fit - Band

Your band is responsible for the majority of your bra's support. When new, it should be on the loosest hook*, feel snug to your torso, and lie straight - directly underneath your bust.

*as the band naturally stretches over time you can move your hook closer.

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