Good-Bye Mama Oprah!!!

The countdown to the Oprah show finale marks a turning point in daytime television, and in our lives. Personally, Oprah has brought the women in my family together, opened up many taboo subjects for discussion, and has been the perfect role model for me as a young girl growing up in the 1990’s. Oprah means a lot of things: for me, she means the comfort of my living room, splitting a diet Coke with my mom everyday after school and learning new things. For others, she means hope and freedom.
Without our Oprah, 4pm will mean something different. It may mean just another hour at the office for some. It may mean finding another dreary show to watch while folding laundry for others. Although there will be many other educational and inspirational programs, no one else will ever fill her shoes. Tomorrow, stay-at-home moms, kids coming home from school, and anyone else with access to the TV (the rest of us will have to record it!) will gather to watch our favorite mother figure say good-bye.
We will miss the jaw-dropping makeovers, the exciting giveaways, the intense interviews and inspirational stories. Most of all, we will miss Oprah’s giving spirit that brings out the best in everyone. So long mama Oprah, we promise to live our best and healthiest lives.

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